Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New In: Florals and Neons (and etc)

I swear I read several online articles regarding Shopaholic disorders but still..sigh..it has no effect one me D:
So apparently, this post is quite delayed. My camera had broken down and I had it repaired, hence the lack of posts. I didn't acquire these stuff in one day, that would be outrageous :p Naipon lang :p

floral dress/long top and pink headband from The Bargain Doll's booth
Neon necklace and Snakeskin waistbelt from Camille Co's booth

I loved the embellished top, gives you an excuse to accessorize less :)

faded skinnies, neon headband and necklace from Victory Mall

Would you believe all these accessories are "pasalubong" for me by my good friend Patty Lopez from Bangkok :D

blazer, necklace and floral dress from AI Fashion
Spandex Neon dress from IFassion High Fashion

I love the shade, the texture of the fabric and the lovely floral prints on this dress♥

I remember how I shrieked when I saw this dress. I was all out of money that time but I knew I'd cry my heart out if I didn't get my hands on this. The color combinations are definitely to die for! (for me at least :)

Chiao gals~

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