Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Afternoon Date with the Best Friend ♥

My best friend Shane, and I don't get to see each other very often due to our work schedules. She's most of the time on graveyard duty thus, we only get to go out about once every 2 months or even less. Nevertheless, we make sure that we are always updated with each other's issues and so it's like we've never been apart at all. She's like my Siamese twin. We've been together since third grade, when we were 9 years old. Hence our friendship transcends time and space, for 17 years already. So many things have changed but our bond stayed the same, and will definitely be that way come hell or high water. 

Earlier today, we went out to a newly opened caffe nearby. And having mentioned our busy schedules, would you believe that it was only today that we've exchanged our Christmas gifts! lol.

I'm not so sure why she seemed so fond of that menu and the mirror haha!

There, that's my gift. You can see we address each other as "bes-chan". Normally, best friends call each other "bes", but since we both crave anime and wanted to be Japanese, we added the suffix "chan". It's kind of difficult to explain but that's how it goes :p

And yay! This is her gift for me. I've already warned her not to incorporate my birthday gift and Christmas gift into one because that is just not fair for December birthday celebrants! However, she protested that this gift cost and was worth 2 gifts, so fine, you're forgiven :p

And I absolutely adore it! I actually don't have a silver jewelry so, hooray! Another first for this year!

Isn't it really wonderful? Gaaah it's too pretty and precious ♥♥♥

So some bunch of silly looking photos:

And she's very fond of my spikes too ♥

What a great afternoon it was, especially if you have nothing better to do than to gossip and watch anime!


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