Monday, January 14, 2013

Ay Caramba! @ Cocina Juan ♥

Right after we strolled along the vastness of UP, we went to our next stop which was actually planned a week prior: Cocina Juan. It's a cozy restaurant in the heart of Teacher's Village that offers absolutely scrumptious Latin American cuisine. Pop na Pop! :)

And here comes the food!!

This pizza is unlike any other. Trust me, this is a must-eat-before-you-die pizza. And because it was sooo delicious like that, we ordered another one hehe :p

 It's funny that John and I are both pretty slim (just to make "thin" sound sossy!), but we eat a lot and I mean a lot! Eating is one of the many other things that we both enjoy doing and discovering good eats everywhere makes it all the more exciting. You can look forward to more of our foodie adventures! For now though, I need to go to bed. I'm really tired haha ;p Night gals!


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