Thursday, January 17, 2013

[Outfit Post]: Pastels VS Blacks

Being the happy girl that I am, I always go for colors that make me happy and my day, bright! Add the fact that John and I were celebrating today our 30th month anniversary (which I've mentioned again and again), I had all the reasons in the world to wear really bright pieces! Wearing Pastels is an easy go-to option if you want something sweet and feminine. All dolled up round 2 :p 

floral dress worn as top : AI Fashion
Pink skinnies ; random from flee market
shoes ; Chelsea
necklace ; AI Fashion
glasses ; random buy at the bangketa hehe :p

And while I was bursting with colors, John opted to wear his signature rockstar slash cowboy ensemble:

Polo and pants ; random
cowboy boots ; Rajo for Milanos
shades ; random buy from the bangketa as well :p

Even though our styles appear to be worlds apart, we perfectly complement each other. Balancing brights and darks, sweet and sinister, good and evil lol. 

You can hype John's look here:

Gotta have dinner!
Chiao gals :)

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