Monday, January 28, 2013

Dad and Mom's 27th Wedding Anniversary ♥♥♥

My family and I went out to lunch yesterday in celebration of my parents' wedding anniversary. Actually, it was on the 26th but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to move the lunch out to Sunday. Also, it was supposed to be a special treat since this is the first time that I'm taking them out somewhere on this very occasion. The original plan was to take them to Cocina Juan (read more here) since that's the best place I have in mind: good food, nice ambiance, something new for them :) I wanted it to be memorable. I even researched some reviews from food bloggers and jotted down their personal picks. Unfortunately, we got stuck in a traffic jam caused by the Sto. Niño processions in Tondo. It was unbelievably long, we were stuck for an hour and it was already almost 12 noon. My mom was getting nauseated and hungry. I was getting really hungry and dizzy as well, and irritated. We had no choice but to drop at SM North Edsa instead as we can no longer endure another 15 minutes or so of travel to Philcoa. After scouting for restaurants, which were already full, we ended up at Kangaroo Jack.

Dad's Tanigue something :p

My Potato Chowder soup. It was so creamy and thick, it was like eating coffee froth!

Brother's Sirloin steak

My Bulalo Steak ♥

Mom's Cream Dory ♥

To be honest, we had a really good time at Kangaroo Jack. The food was great, the place was nice. My brother loved it! Mom enjoyed her Cream Dory Meal, I can tell :p So after one extra ordinary lunch, I insisted to go shopping! lol (My shopping fasting was an epic fail, hypocrite!)

And of course, wouldn't end this post without senseless vanity shots. Sorry for the inconsistent photo sizes :p

Hot Pink Blazer ; The Landmark
Purple embellished top ; random from tiangge
Bag ; gift from John
Ring and bracelet : AI Fashion

And my mom's got an outfit shot too!

Top ; AI Fashion
Pants ; Hang Ten
Bag ; gift
Chiao Gals ~

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