Saturday, October 19, 2013

[Outfit Post]: N A U S E A

"If you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy and colorful and lively."
~Mel Brooks 

I am certain you all notice that my outfit posts are all but dull and black and white. I am either on print-on-prints, or color blocking, the latter of which is more evident in my posts. Yesterday was no different. It was funny how I ended up coming up with the title "Nausea". I got the idea from my mom, who told me that my outfit made her dizzy because of all the prints and colors going on. Nonetheless, she liked it and she knew that it wouldn't be my style if there were no bold and loud prints in my ensemble. What do you think? Does this outfit make you dizzy too? Lol

Top ; hand me down
Leggings ; thrifted
Sandals ; The Landmark
Bag ; Heiress Crown
Necklace worn as Bracelet ; from Bloggers United 5
Necklace ; AI Fashion

Let me know your thoughts please? :)
Love Lots,


  1. Love it, want to follow each other? let me know and I will follow u back

  2. ooh, love your tribal patterned purse :)


  3. Love your Pants and Bag so much!!!


  4. Your such an eye candy, girl! Love your printed leggings <3