Friday, October 11, 2013

[Store Spotlight] :

Fashion Bloggers are undeniably, uncontrollable shopaholics, be it lurking at the malls or staying up late while browsing online shops. The sweetest, stressful activity you could ever think of is choosing between that golden caged Zanotti heels or the shining, shimmering Louboutin stilettos. But okay, not all bloggers have the means to splurge on those (super) high end shoes and stuff and thus, the birth of online shops that offer the most up-to-date pieces which are surely within your budget! *insert happy girl here*. Here's one Asian online shop to check out!

Recently, I was given the chance to review the products of and hooray! Just by browsing through their selections gave me a particular sense of bliss. lol! And not only that, you get a 15% off coupon upon signing in! Want more? Shipping is FREE worldwide! Don't you just love free shipping lol I do! So kindly scroll down and check out the pieces that immediately caught my fancy:

 Cute Bags

Cute Shoes and Fierce Booties

I'm most certain you loved those pieces above and those are not even one fourth of the selection! I can't wait to get these on my shopping cart! I encourage you girls to visit their site, the clothes/bags/shoes are to die for :D 

Leave some love my dears. Have a great shopping day!

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