Monday, March 17, 2014

Outfit Post ; Plum and Berry Shortcake ♡♡

Every  time  I  wear  solid-colored tops and bottoms, especially pastels, I immediately  think of  food. Not  just food, but a cozy cafe adorned with everything  beautiful  and  sweet!

Cream and Gold canopy curtains, seats clothed in baby Pink and Mint Green quilted cushions, slices of blueberry cheesecake and Mochi Ice Cream in pistachio and caramel flavors and hot fudge chocolate!
I think I can also smell the freshly baked golden gingerbread. Oh..My..Gosh. I'm so hungry right now I can almost taste this Lavender top and candy necklace! 

They're too yummy looking you can think of nibbling  on it lol I'm just so happy that Summer is officially here! Well, it's  been quite hot for the last 2 weeks or so but right now, I'm actually listing the agenda of our family excursion 2 weeks from now, so this is when my Summer officially starts! I'm super excited! Is anybody celebrating Summer now as well? Tell us about it!

Top ; Desideratum
Necklace ; Ekame Items

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  1. Everytime I wear or see such combinations, I think of ice creams..
    U look cute
    Keep in touch

  2. stunning necklace

    Lots of Love

  3. You look so sweet in this outfit! I love the mini skirt! ^o^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  4. Lovely combination! You look amazing in this outfit. Anyway, I just found your blog and really like it! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know :)

    I'm currently running a giveaway hope you can join too xx

  5. nice post! love your outfits <3
    would you like to follow each other ?