Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; Of Heavy Rains, Long Due Rest and Peach Dresses ♥

"Anyone who thinks that Sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the Rain"
~ Anonymous

As it is this time of the year in the Philippines when you can almost no longer see the sun rise, and only dark clouds and heavy rains can be seen or heard, one can only wish to stay indoors, in bed, reading a good book while drinking a cup of tea. That would be quite dreamy, for me at least. How I wanted that kind of scenario! But no, despite the strong winds that can almost lift me off the ground, and I would be completely drenched in my corporate clothes, smelling like a bag of salt, I had no other options but to just open a huge umbrella, tread through the flooded streets while praying intently that I do not get myself Leptospirosis. Today, I am on day-off which is great since, aside from the fact that there is again a heavy downpour, I will finally get myself a much needed rest. I see that I will be sleeping the entire afternoon, or perhaps play my favorite Google games. Probably anything that could ultimately take my mind off from work, as these past few days had taken its toll on me. I will be taking the most out of this day and hopefully, tomorrow, the rains will stop as John and I will be going out to spend a post-Fourth Year Anniversary date. Such random things to say actually and pardon me, my mind has been locked out and set up on one thing: REST. So I'm leaving you guys with this simple outfit post, which was due a few months back. These photos had been in my files for far too long, my hair was still very short if you will notice. If you can recognize this peach mini dress as well, it was included in this post. I have mentioned previously that I would most likely be selling this since it was quite short, then again, I had a change of heart. I kept it and will just think of other ways on how to wear this piece. I guess that would be all for now. Leave a comment below if you liked it!

Dress ; Virtual Styleish
Accessories ; AI Fashion
Wedges ; Vivienne WestWood

Love Lots,


  1. WOW! This is awesome, love your dress and beauty heels <3

  2. The dress is beautiful, looks perfect on you! Eszter

  3. absolutely stunning! you're a doll!
    kisses and wish you a wonderful week!

  4. You look gorgeous in this outfit, love your dress and shoes <3

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  5. Sooooo cuteee dress, as much as you are! :)
    If you have a minute, check my blog: