Friday, October 31, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; Mesh and Pomelo ♥

I had been pondering for a few days whether or not to post these set of photos here on the blog, as I had been on M.I.A., yet again, for quite some time and I believe that my humble blog, at least, deserves a come back post with a bang! Needless to say, I seldom wear jeans, or anything black, perhaps the last time I did and with all my heart into it, was during College. Now, I find myself referring to it as the last option, or not an option at all for as long as I can evade wearing it. People really do outgrow certain things. I guess, in my case, it was for the better. I am quite skinny, and wearing anything in dark hues will only emphasize my small frame. In this particular post, however, I had a tentative change of heart. Not that I had no other choice but I find this pair of Jeggings very comfortable. I feel I could run, dance and even split on it. Not that I knew how to split, but you get the idea lol. So how do you like this ensemble?

Mesh top ; Frugalista Shop | Jeggings ; SM Department Store | Bag ; Heiress Crown | Bracelet ; AI Fashion ; Ballerina Flats ; random

Of course, thanks ever so much to this wonderful dude who does not get tired of taking shots of my vain self:

Love Lots,


  1. you look so sweet,and love your fresh top,kiss

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  2. you look super pretty in the coaral top
    Happy Halloween
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