Sunday, October 5, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; Party Party Party Mamma Mia!

Hi Guys! No I am not and I did not attend a Party. I was just listening to KARA's comeback single Mamma Mia, hence the title because I honestly couldn't think of a reasonable title for this outfit post. And also, yes you're right! I'm trying to promote the song too lol. But seriously, listen to it, it's addicting haha. Anyhoo!!! Another hiatus has come to pass. More than one month of absence once again from my blog and unlike before, I swear, I did not come to notice it had been that long already. Perhaps because I was too pre-occupied with office work and some projects here and there concerning my promotion. I am extremely exhausted from all the work but I reckon it is still better than babbling yourself to boredom. I was productive, at the very least. And due to all the stress and late night sleeps, I grew a number of bright red humps on my face. My eye bags and dark circles had become more prominent and it seems I have aged several years. Now, now, I would not at all want to just throw resentments in this comeback post. In order to conceal the now 50 year old looking me, I decided to flaunt a youthful outfit.

I had long since wanted to wear this beautiful, body-hugging skater dress. I had worn it once at the office but it was really short and I ended up being reprimanded. Not to let this beauty be stuck in my closet, I have finally decided to wear it today. I had never worn Brown and Red together previously and I see now that they make a great combination. To be more comfortable lurking around the mall, I wore this shiny red flats, which I bought the same day, and paired it as well with this fiery red tote! Come to think of it, considering my immense affection for bags, I had never owned a red bag. It was quite absurd and I had never even noticed it. Then again, I have one now. All thanks to LookSmart Shop. Whenever a sudden urge to grab a bag comes up, their shop is the first thing that comes to mind. No Other. Even my baby Pink Celine-inspired Bag was from LookSmart Shop as well. I actually have another bag, the latest one in my closet, but it's beauty is beyond words and I do not have the heart to overuse it. So I intend to flaunt that bag only during special occasions. Worry not, you will definitely take a glimpse of it here :) So let me know your thoughts about this outfit! Personally, this is one of my favorite 

Dress : RTW on Sale
Cardigan ; Dalagita
Shoes ; The Landmark

Love Lots,

Click and watch this please! You'll love it!


  1. love the outfit, you look cute
    and yes Kara-Mama mia is amazing

  2. Bringing such a lovely dress was always my dream, but when I tried at home that didn't fit my body so I'd used a bra tape like Bye Bra breast stickers

  3. Love your post!

    Ukrainian Fashion Week: BURBA SS'15

  4. love the shoes! they are so bright!

    it takes 2 to fashion
    ps. We really like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  5. Great post! I love your shoes! You look so adorable!


  6. Beautiful dress. I gotta say, I'm in love with your shoes! *.*
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  7. beautiful dress