Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!

 My boyfriend and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary last July 17 to 18 at Tagaytay City. The stay was pleasant and wonderful. The weather, however, was unexpectedly un-cold considering it was the rainy season. Cold air came in at around twilight. Good thing I packed a comfortable jacket and a pair of candy shorts for this totally un-called for weather. By the way, here's what I wore during our short treck and of course, some crazy shots of me and my boyfriend. Some were taken at the viewing Deck of Picnic Grove :)

yellow button down top worn as vest. thrifted by my mom :)

abstract top was a gift from an office mate which is actually thrifted too :p

this Tassel Necklace is actually DIY. I'll try to post a mini tutorial on how to make tassel necklaces later :)
random red walking shoes beside my bf's Draven shoes :p
me, going insane
me, trying to escape from the giant hands grip
my turn to gripe!
me, preparing to fly :p
the awesome Taal Volcano <3
Oh by the way, how about a hype? :)

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