Friday, July 6, 2012

Vintage Lovin'

Lately, I had been scourging and hoarding the flee markets and my favorite online store for vintage accessories. I'm falling in love more and more every week that I go home almost everyday with a shopping bag or a shipped parcel hidden inside my office bag. Yes, I hide it 'coz for sure,my mom's gonna kill me if she finds out I bought loads of new stuff again when I haven't even worn the ones I bought earlier. GAH! I just couldn't help it :'( Accessories are like the missing link in putting an outfit together and with a Bang! xp I can wear these with almost any ensemble and still look elegant and edgy at the same time. 

I've posted some of my favorite stuff below. Most of them were bought from an online store called AI Online Shop. Believe me, they have a massive range of high-end styles at unbelievably low-end prices. They have all sorts of necklaces from Vintage to Elegant. They got cute and elegant rings, bracelets and bangles, earrings and recently, they've put up a Clothing collection as well. They also have cute and affordable bags, hair accessories and school stuff. You really need to check that cool site out!

Meanwhile, check out my items below :)

I fell in love with the design that I bought 2 in different colors <3

I think owls are the in thing nowadays :p

this one's one of my fave finds. The intricate design made it so unique and chic <3

this is a necklace and the chains were entangled. am too lazy to disentangle lol
These other three below were bought somewhere else. (Yes I still shop other than AI Online :p)
from the SuperSale Bazaar

from Vente Store but I bought it for Php 50 :p

I think this on'es from Victory Mall
Needless to say, I am more into accessories rather than shoes or bags, but second to clothes of course. :p The tip is just to pile and stack 'em up and let them do the talking! Even if you're wearing say an LBD or an LWD, slip into a pretty chunk of bib necklace in gold or vintage and inject a little color on the bags or footwear and you're all set to party!

Have Fun gals <3

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