Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Orange and Blue tank tops (Zara); hand me downs
blue skinny pants ; thrifted (for only Php 120.00!!)
Wedge ; Rusty Lopez
neon accessories and bangle; The ten peso store
braided bracelets ; DIY
vintage necklaces ; AI Fashion
Rings ; Mia Casa
belt ; random

This ensemble reminds me of flavored juice, orange, mango and bubblegum (?) lol. My apologies for the edited background. I've mentioned before that our house is not yet fully furnished and thus, you are free to imagine that our walls have not been painted as of yet. Not a good sight to post in a blog teehee! This is such a post-in-a-hurry so please forgive me for the poor quality. My camera's only on a timer-set up because I had nobody to take my photos. I'm just vain enough not to let this day pass without an outfit post. Besides, it's been a while since I last had an outfit shot T^T

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