Saturday, October 6, 2012

Featured Blog of the Week! ♥♥♥!!!! @#$%^&*!!!!!! 

I'm super duper mega over excited and overwhelmed that my blog, for the first time, has been featured as blog of the week in They sent me a message just this week asking if they could feature me in their blog of the week segment and who am I to decline? This is quite an opportunity and I was more than happy to accept the invite. They sent me a set of interview questions and I was surprised that it was already published the following day. I wasn't online yesterday so I was really astounded when I checked my twitter account this morning and Fashionfreax tagged me on the post. I almost shrieked along the hospital halls. (I was at the hospital for a check up). So anyhow, I've posted below my brief interview with them. Hope you can find the time to drop by and read :)

Click: The Fabulous Geek: Blog of the Week

How did you get in touch with fashion?
Ever since I was a kid, dresses and skirts had been the apple of my eyes. I felt so princess-like when I’m in a dress. Eventually, I would raid my mom’s or my grandmom’s closets and wear their clothes. I learned then how to mix and match pieces and people would say I looked good. I realized I’ve always wanted to be a stand out in the crowd through my style and dressing up makes me happy.
Why do you have a fashion blog and for how long for?
I’m relatively new to fashion blogging. It was created just last May. It was my boyfriend that encouraged me to do so because I always pretend that I’m a runway model and do the catwalk along the streets. I’ve always wanted to do it but my work schedule doesn’t permit me to. However, when I started the blog, I felt so into it because I knew this is really my thing.
What are your favourite blogs?
The first two blogs I learned about were Rumi Neely’s Fashion Toast and Sea of Shoes by Jane Aldridge. I became their follower for years and there are a lot of other bloggers emerging nowadays with really great style. The top blogs that I follow now are of my fellow Filipinos namely Break My Style, Thirsty Thought and Camille Tries to Blog.
What do you do in your “real” life?
I've been working in a Bank for almost 4 years now. During my free time, I have photoshoots for my blog outfit posts or attend Cosplay events. I also practice experimental photography and painting. Otherwise, I’m just in front of the PC and doing some uncontrollable online shopping, murdering the videoke, or dancing around the house.
Do you have a favorite designer(s) or fashion icons?
I’m a fan of Coco Chanel, of course and Alexander McQueen. I’m also a fan of fellow Filipinos who made it big in the International Fashion scene like Monique Lhuillier, Rajo Laurel and Michael Cinco.
Would you like to say anything else concerning your blog or in general?
Honestly, I still can’t label my blog as a “fashion blog” because the term, as I see it, applies to bloggers who have already made it big in this scene. I’m just a newbie blogger who wants to share to the world how I dress up, show how thrifted pieces can make you look like a million bucks if you wear them with the right attitude!
(of course, this needs screen capture lol)♥

And another screenshot of the banner of Fashion Freax's Facebook Page because I'm in it!!! :D

I am one happy happy girl!!! ♥♥♥

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