Thursday, October 4, 2012

New In: Cropped top, Peplum and Mullet ♥

Finally, I was able to receive my new items after almost 3 days of delayed delivery. ( I hate you typhoon Marce!). Check out these fab items I got for fab prices ♥

cute floral cropped top from Ifassion Highfashion ♥

goodness, I love the aqua hues of this peplum skirt, also from Ifassion Highfashion

This elegant sheer mullet skirt from Wearables has a frustratingly funny story. It was my first time to buy from this shop and I immediately fell in love with their collection. I bought this skirt right off and settled everything early. I was very excited to lay my hands on this item as this was my first ever mullet skirt. Such a loser am I not? The mullet trend is almost over and I just bought mine this week. lol. Then came typhoon Marce and the delivery of the item got delayed day after day. My excitement evaporated and I was at the brink of my patience. Thanks to the Wearables store owner and her "kulit" skills, my package was delivered last night, at almost 7pm. 

And by the way, I also got 2 freebies along with this gorgeous skirt:

such a kawaii and sweet kitty phone accessory!

I wonder how she knew that my favorite color is Royal Blue..hmm :p Soooo love these danglers! ♥

I can't wait to make an outfit post in these clothes! *uber thrilled*

Chiao gals!

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