Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Vanity Attack

Because today is my day off and I'm staying at home, I decided to engage myself in some un-productive vanity-centered photo taking. I can't call it photography, I don't have the nerves lol. 

I still have several un-opened accessories in my closet ♥ my EQ is somehow on a decent level still

superhero bangles!

body wash lol

my Clinique perfume. so sweet ♥

my new Escada perf. love it! ♥
And of course, the vainest of all:

Fret not. That's not real hair. Being the cosplayer that I am,I have a stock of wigs in my closet lol This one is definitely my favorite because it looks and feels like real hair ^_^

Sleeping on a hot and lazy afternoon ♥

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