Thursday, September 20, 2012

Movie Geek: The Mistress and quick outfit post

Going to the movies is a must for me, movie geek is one of my many-geek titles. I require at least one movie every week with the boyfriend or once every month with my mom. 

Last Tuesday, mom and I went to SM City San Lazaro to watch another Bea-John Lloyd starrer entitled "The Mistress". We are huge fans of this tandem since blah knows when, and all movies under Star Cinema for that matter. We do our best to watch at the cinemas every time we have the chance. 

So, as I was saying, "The Mistress" did not disappoint. Yes, it's your regular third-party-romance-kind of movie but with such twists and turns that will definitely make you go "Oh..Em..Gee". And nope, I'm not saying anything about the plot. All you need to expect is the predictably excellent acting of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz that will never fail to bring you to tears or make you feel those intense fear of getting caught by the legal wife, or fear of knowing that you've actually fallen in love (for real) with the son of the man you're hooking up with. (did I just say I'm not saying anything about the plot?). Well, again as mentioned above, so many exciting and nerve-wracking scenes are at hand. Oh, and as people say about the movie, the ending? You will never be able to guess.. :)

On a different note, I wanted to have a shot of my outfit for that day. Unfortunately, my camera batteries were going bonkers on me and I had to ask my mom to take a photo of me via my camera phone. And more unfortunately, she took it without her glasses on so I guess it would be a better idea not to post it here lol. Oh but what the heck, will you mind seeing a rather blurry silhouette of the outfit? I hope you'll get the picture in your heads hehe

sunshine yellow sheer blazer and a tangerine racer back. simple vintage necklace and uncombed hair looked okay right? :p
 The Blurry Silhouette Shot:

yellow blazer; thrifted
tangerine top ; hand me down
pink pants ; mom's closet
random yellow belt
vintage necklace from Victory Mall

Oh look at the time, I'm so sleepy and I'm sort of not feeling well. Gotta go and take a sleep.

Chiao guys

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