Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wasted Time

"Is it all just wasted time 
Can you look at yourself 
When you think of what 
You left behind ..."

By TFG: I don't give much thought (honestly) on Men's fashion. I guess I'm too high in my senseless vanity to notice that. Or well, I assume it's normal to be more pre-occupied with ladies' fashion, as much as guys don't give a damn on your new color block heels. Nonetheless, my top-of-mind ideas when you say Men's fashion are suits/ties/jackets/sunnies and all that kind of get up. Very seldom would I find someone who would stand out from the stereotype-clean looking guy crowd. But that's just my opinion. :p Will I sound weird if I say runway looking guys (and I meant those tux-wearing) really don't catch my fancy. I think they all look the same, you know, men looking like cut outs from high end fashion magazines. But then, let me reiterate, that's just me :)

I'm more enticed with bad-boy looks, they look so sexy and masculine to me. I know it's what enamored me to my man, first and foremost. (too much bias here, I'm aware hehe) Provided that I have this huge obsession with Rock music and long-haired Metal Rockers (read: Sebastian Bach), I instantly have a Metal God by my side all the time. XP

John says:

"Who says 80's metal is dead? Though I'm not as glam as you might think, thrash still thrived the biker look when leather jackets, jeans and chains were the norm. I'll start from my great looking sneakers that were given to me by my doll. Quite sturdy and definitely complete's the "I'm-gonna-kick-your-face-in-but-still-look-good-doing-it" ensemble as the black shoes compliment the other dark overtones of the gig attire. The jeans were bought from a thrift store in Marikina and it caught my eye since it's one of those jeans that have the "bell bottom" look to it. The leather jacket comes next as it is pretty much standard in the metal scene way back then which I'd like to bring back. My GnR shirt is under that with the art done by the famous Saul Hudson which was bought again by my love. The top hat was more of a homage to my guitar hero as well as he almost never leaves home without it, bought mine in National Bookstore last halloween. The chain was an interesting feature as it enhances the tough guy look. "

Chains; random, Demon Microphone Sneakers; Draven, Bell Bottom Denims; thrifted, Leather Jacket; thrifted, Top Hat; random find, Guns and Roses Shirt; Metaloisc, RJ Guitar

Have a heart and hype :)