Friday, September 21, 2012

Store Spotlight: Ifassion Highfashion

I already got my package last night for that cute floral pink kimono jacket that I blogged about in here. I was anxious all day yesterday, waiting for the courier because the usual time of delivery to our house is 5pm and I was felt quite uneasy upon realizing it was already past 6 PM and there was no sight of the courier guy, when I got a call from Xend (courier) telling me that their delivery man had been going around in circles as he could not locate our house. lol. I had to go out into the streets and wait for him in the dark. Sheesh. Anyway, I was just so thrilled that I received my parcel already and I immediately tore off the brown bag containing my jacket and my heart did a little leap of joy when I found another small plastic bag inside. I opened it up and found a really cute kikay mirror inside! Hooray for freebies! 

It's one of those with the 3D effects, see how the girl opens and closes her eyes when you tilt it in different angles? lol just like a little girl in her younger days. Also, I so happened to accidentally break my mirror a few days back so this one really saved me, the vain girl that I am. :) Oh, and it's blue too. My favorite color! <3

Anyhoo, here's my very first kimono jacket!!! It's so flowy and soft, it's perfect for Summer. But don't let it deceive you. The fabric is sheer, I don't think it's chiffon though but when I wore it last night, it felt a little warm on my skin which was perfect because last night was just so cold! And I'm certain it will likewise be perfect for Summer. How versatile is that? :D

Sorry I had to put some background effects on the second photo. Our wall was not yet fully painted so it wouldn't be a good sight hehe. What do you think of my new jacket? I really loved it! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on sale and it would break my heart if I had let go. There were a lot of other kimono jackets, cute tops and bags on the new album that I would like to buy for myself but I guess, I will have to make do of this one for now. 

I highly recommend that you drop by and take a look at Ifassion Highfashion's items. She's got tons of amazing accessories, bags, tops, bottoms etc per collection. New batch of clothing is being uploaded every week and I tell you, I'm one of her many shoppers that literally count the number of minutes before the clock strikes 7/8PM of either a Saturday or Sunday. Her item picks are, like what I said, very versatile and unique. The designs are fabulous and up to date and what's more than that, the price is just amazingly affordable! You can even get a wholesale price when you buy a minimum of 6 pieces or even lower if you purchase 12 pieces. You can choose your items from different collections to suffice the required number of items. Isn't that great! 

Another thing I love about this store/seller is that she knows how to take care of her clients. In a more personal level, though it's not at all necessary to give away freebies to your customers, but who wouldn't want to stick to a seller who knows how to show appreciation? correct? :) I would like to reciprocate that appreciation and express my big thanks to her via this blog post. It was just my second time to buy an item from her, I'm certain there will be a third time, a fourth, and many times more. ^_^

Chiao gals!