Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Look for the Fabulous Geek

Since I'm on a day off today and tomorrow, and the gloomy weather bores me to oblivion, I decided to give my blog banner a cool new look. I'm not sure why I chose to put a fairy as my banner emblem but I think it looks quite lovely right? It was actually a black and white sketch, random find from Google Images :p This was how it looked like earlier:

credits to the artist here: Chickoa347

I put some colors to make it more fun and cute <3 (yes, I colored it. I'm just so great). Also, did you notice that I put glasses on her? That's the mark of the geek haha

Given this, I am very much in love with my new banner. How shallow am I that I even create a blog post just for this one? lol

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