Monday, September 17, 2012

Outfit Post: Breaking Down

look at the boyfriend, he's so dramatic :p
i sooo love this guy. so sweet <3
We'll, it's a happy 26th month anniversary to me and my BF! yay! So before we went out for a date, we took the liberty to celebrate in his humble abode through photo shoots for our outfit posts! yes, our outfit posts. Finally, I coerced him to bend a little into the world of fashion (and blogging). Though that's not exactly his cup of tea but I won. So anyway, my outfit post first then his. And have I told you he's pretty skilled in writing? He'll be writing his own posts as well. Check them out in the upcoming post entitled: Wasted Time.

sorry for the angling. it was meant to be for fun lol
I cinched on a slim belt onto the corset to emphasize (or put) the figure

I just love the design of this corset top. given that my favorite color is royal blue and I like corset tops with front zippers :p

these wedges are definitely sturdy, punky and sexy <3

I wore fun looking accessories to inject some yourhful vibe into an otherwise matured (?) ensemble

The main attraction on this outfit is my corset top which I got from a newly-discovered online store called Ifassion Highfashion. I've posted a preview of this corset top in here. I know I said so many times that I just fell in love with the design and structure of the top but the affordable price is a super plus/bonus for me when I got it. I matched it up with my royal blue bandage skirt. (my fave color isn't that obvious, I hope lol). I played the ensemble up with this black fedora hat and gladiator wedges to give it more edge. So what do you think? :)

fedora hat from boyfriend's closet, corset top Ifassion Highfashion, bandage skirt from Tutuban Mall, wedges from Rusty Lopez, accessories all random finds

Please hype this look on Lookbook! :D

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